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County Links

Henry County Public Library

172 Eminence Terrace

Eminence, KY 40019

Ph: 502-845-5682

Henry County Government

Scott Bates, Judge Executive

PO Box 202
New Castle, KY 40050
Ph: 502 845-5707

Henry County Sheriff

Keith Perry


City of Eminence

FredDowney, Mayor

Phone: 502 845-4159

City of Pleasureville

Rodney Young, Mayor

Phone:  502 878-5500

City of Campbellsburg

Dave Grey, Mayor

Phone: 502 532-6050

City of New Castle,

Phone: 502 845-5750

City of Smithfield

Greg Gephart, Mayor

Phone: 502 845-6260

Henry County Public Schools
Ph: 502-845-8600

Eminence Independent Schools

Ph: 502-845-5427

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